Bo-Ho films make films about people, art and the interplay between the two. We are a loose collective that are passionate about music and film. We are keen to work with musicians, artists, writers (and vintage motorcycle fanatics) to create meaningful films that reflect upon the human condition.

We are:

Alex Crowton

Alex has been making films since the late 90’s in which time he has been involved in producing, shooting and directing arts documentaries, tour logs and experimental films primarily about musicians and often about the temporary nature of creativity. Alex has an interest in music genealogy and the role of the record producer and the album within the landscape of popular music. Alex has been collaborating with Balwant ‘Bobby’ Dass since the early 2000’s in which time the pair have undertaken numerous commercial and creative endeavours. Alex likes: old machines, motorcycles and running…

“People get hung up about film: Fiction/ non-fiction. For me there are only two kinds of film: good and bad. We try and make good films with a heart and a handcrafted aesthetic that gets to the core of the subject.”

Balwant Dass

Balwant ‘Bobby’ Dass has been writing and making films for around 15 years, in which time he has created a uniquely distinctive body of work including ranging from writing and directing short fiction: Tourette’s Haiku (2004) to his music collaborations with Alex. Bal is a skilled video editor and an accomplished writer.

Angela Faye Martin

Angela is a singer/ songwriter recording artist, author and raconteur. From her hermitage in North West North Carolina Angela has been transmitting beautiful music, musings and eloquent prose for some time… Angela’s talents have recently been seconded into the Bo-Ho camp (and briefly to England) to write and record the narration for: The Sad and Beautiful World of Sparklehorse. Angela sings, plays, writes (very well)

Sally Robertshaw

Long suffering production co-ordinator and all round ‘good egg’, Sally has been part of the Bo-Ho team since late 2007, We are a positive the team would be in a ditch without her well ordered spirit.